The program is now Cardware, which means that you can use the program for free and distribute it freely, but that you are (kindly) asked to send a postcard there to show your appreciation of my incredible generosity.

You can find below the downloadable version of the program.

Application files

Current version: 0.43 (updated on September 12, 1999 - last revised on September 12, 2002)

Mac version: 0.41 (updated on October 20, 1999) (requires Stuffit Expander 5.1 or later to expand the file).

Resource files

English resource file

French resource file

Galician resource file (translated by Susana Sotelo Docío)

German resource file (translated by Tanja Hieber)

Hungarian resource file (translated by Ágnes Sandor)

Italian resource file (translated by Nicola Cancedda and Christophe Terrasson)

Spanish resource file (translated by Thierry van Steenberghe)

You can download the latest stable version of the application to play at home. Even though I will support this version, I don't intend to provide a lot of information about running a Java application here. If you do not have a Java Virtual Machine yet, the best place to look for one is probably the Javasoft website, or the Blackdown website or IBM's alphaworks for Linux.

Installation instructions

Download the archive by clicking on the spinning disk above (or on the mac icon if you've got a mac). Once it is on your hardisk, create a new directory to store the application. Then unzip the archive in this folder keeping the subdirectory structure. You may want to have a look at the SSC.cfg file in the main folder in order to customize your preferences (most of the settings can be set from the program itself though). The most interesting one is for the language resource, which can point to any valid language resource file you have.

Here is the list of files and directories that are in the latest release:

Running the application

First make sure that your Java binary files are in the PATH of your system, and that your CLASSPATH variable points to the standard librairies. From the directory where you installed the application type in the following command:

java -classpath $CLASSPATH:SSC.jar SSCFrame (Unix)
java -classpath %CLASSPATH%;SSC.jar SSCFrame (DOS)

Bug reports and support

I'm sorry in advance for the bugs you may find in this release, but I will make my best to fix them if I receive reports. Please in this case say as much as you can, quoting the messages if a bug occurs, and/or explaining clearly what you were doing when something unexpected happened. I know that there is a layout bug which I haven't managed to reproduce, so if you find it, please let me know!

If you need additional support to run the application, or if the manual does not provide you with the information you're looking for, just send me an email.